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I book the best talent in the business but I am not an agent...


I have performed over 5000 shows as a solo act and in various groups, everything from rock to jazz. I  take great pride in my ability to read a room of any type in any venue and take it where I want, controlling the vibe, energizing the crowd, and generating sales for the venue.



While I still play custom order gigs and emcees special events and fundraisers year-round, my focus these days is sharing my past experience as a full time, self promoted artist with musicians in the who are not sure how to promote and book shows or are fed up with their treatment at the hands of "agencies".  I am not an agent, I open many different types of venues to the idea of live music.  In a lot of my cases, the venue had never considered it until I met with them.   and I provide performers and in turn, provide a steady circuit to perform in.


Just like you, I have been in the trenches, working gigs. playing for the crowd, not at them. I understand from first hand experience what an artist is going through and what a venue is looking for.  I respect the performers I book and trust that they will respect the craft so the purchaser gets the most professional talent at every event!  From Country to Jazz, Rock to Reggae.  I book a wide genre of artists from all over the world.



I also offer one on one consultation to artists and bands to discuss the inner workings of the industry from a venue operators point of view, giving you insight on how to approach, market and develop long time customers.  If you are a new artist, or a seasoned pro looking for venues and events or you would like to book an appointment with me to discuss your next moves in 2020, contact me at the email or phone number below.

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